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Many people think a WiFi and smart thermostat are the same thing, but this isn’t true. While both devices connect to the internet to be controlled remotely, a smart thermostat comes with geofencing, automatic learning, alerts for maintenance, system analysis of energy use, and more. Want to upgrade how you experience heating and cooling in your household? Contact the team at Eagle River Service Company, Inc. to inquire further about smart thermostat installation.

WiFi Thermostats from Eagle River Service Company, Inc.

WiFi thermostats continue to be an appealing option for temperature control simply due to controlling your equipment anywhere there is a wireless connection. You can save a lot of money by simply tapping a few buttons. There is no need to provide temperature control for a vacant house. Don’t walk into a cold home during the winter when you get out of work early. A WiFi thermostat keeps everything simple, streamlined, convenient, and cost-efficient. Experience user-friendly operation in a wide variety of appealing interfaces.

Upgrade Your HVAC System with a Smart Thermostat

While a smart thermostat has all these amazing features, it can be tricky to figure them out. If you need smart thermostat repair, or service, or just have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. To learn more about your smart and WiFi thermostat options across Eagle, Gypsum, Edwards, and Avon, CO, contact our specialists at (970) 803-0123. We will help you determine the unique features of each device and choose the appropriate one for your home.

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“Bill is fantastic to work with. Honest, professional, and fairly priced. Best service in the valley for all heating and cooling needs.”

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“Eagle River Service helped me to choose the BEST A/C system. They were helpful in advising me on what would work best and gave me a great price. I would highly recommend working with them!!!”

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“As far as I’m concerned, Eagle River Service saved the day when Bill Lundquist was able to fix what I was afraid was going to be the end of my A/C unit. Bill is extremely knowledgeable and professional, explained the problem to me (in layman’s terms I’m sure) and was able to repair the unit. I am truly grateful I did not have to replace it. Thank you!”

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“We just installed a split system AC unit with Eagle River Service Company in our master bedroom and LOVE it! It is absolutely amazing. It’s very quiet and filters the air, to the point where my mornings are now allergy-free, on top of cooling off the bedroom. And Bill was wonderful, too. The install was a breeze: simple, efficient, and completed in a day…”

Catherine G.

“After being told our air conditioner needed to be replaced, we had Bill come out and after cleaning the unit and making a few repairs, our problem was solved. We were so thankful that he was able to help us avoid a big expense. Eagle River Service Company is a great company to work with and we highly recommend them.”

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“Fast and friendly service! Bill is great to work with and very responsive. We love our new mini split air conditioner and wow what a difference it makes.”

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